Dear students

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Al Wahda Private school and trust that your time here will lead you to realize your dreams.

This Student Handbook contains important  information that you will need regarding the academic programme, college facilities and regulations.

Please read this handbook and learn about the procedures and your responsibilities.

It is vital that you obey the rules that are set out here as it ensures the smooth functioning of the school .

Staff members constantly monitor  the needs of the students with the aim of assisting with any issues or problems, academic or otherwise.

In return, we expect  students  to study hard and follow the rules and procedures of the school .

It is the aim of the Al Wahda  School to prepare its students to handle the most demanding careers thereby making them the most sought after among employers.

This can only come about through discipline.

An employee with an education but no discipline is quickly made redundant , however to an employee with an education and good discipline the sky's the limit.

That's why at Al Wahda School our main focus is not only on first class education but the inclusion of discipline in all matters.

Enjoy your time here and reach for the stars!

Salim M.Al-Owais

Chairman, Al Wahda Private School


Our Vision

A leading educational school with national identity and international standards

Our Mission

  • Building a creative and inquisitive generation .
  • Enforcing the value of belonging for members of the school society .
  • Meeting the international standards through achieving quality standards .
  • Supporting the talented and improving their skills .
  • Expanding the training basics for faculty members according to up to date plus current technology .
  • Enforcing communication inside and outside the school-s community .
  • Showing an appreciation of the teachers' professional status .
  • Productive Educational establishment .

Our Values

  • Islamic values
  • Patriotism
  • Justice
  • team work
  • Loyalty
  • Continuous learning and development

Strategic Goals of Al Wahda Private School

The school has set long term strategic goals that consist of five focus points :

  • Administrative and Teaching Staff
  • Students
  • School Building
  • Local Society
  • The Productivity

Among the goals that relate to the Students :

  • Qualifying students to be able to join both local and international universities .
  • Preparing a well behaved, intelligent student .
  • Enforcing the national identity for students along Islamic values
  • Enhancing the educational achievements .